National Children's Science Congress

State Level Children's Science Congress, Karnataka
A programme of NCSTC, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India
State organiser:

Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat

Vijnana Bhavan , N0, 24/2, 21st Main Road, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore – 560070
Phone : 080-26718939, Mobile : 9483549159

Poster presentation

As you already know, posters are compulsory in NCSC. These posters should be relevant and must have clarity so that everybody can get an idea about your project by looking at your posters. In addition to your oral presentation you shall have to present your posters in a separate session (Poster session) in a separate room/hall. After the oral presentation put your posters (as instructed) in the poster presentation hall. Like your report and oral presentation, your posters presented in the poster session will also be evaluated. Take poster session seriously and seek help and advice from your guide, seniors and teachers.

Limit your posters to four (4). You should emphasize on the way of expression and present the salient features of your project in these posters. Try to make your posters unique and innovative; the posters should express your creativity. In your posters there need not be a total description of your project, but only highlight main points.

Oral and poster presentations are like advertisements of your project. In a TV advertisement on washing powder, do they show us the whole process of washing clothes (with the specific powder)? They do not; the advertisement shows only those points which attract people (create an interest) and, thus, the name of the product and its specialties are remembered. The same principle should be adhered to during project presentation and poster presentation.

We are trying to create scientific temperament and rationalism among all. In the Congress, all of you may not get selected for awards or scholarships (or to represent your State). Do not get disheartened; our contribution towards betterment of the society, however small it may be, will always be counted. You, the children are going to make India a prosperous country through your innovative actions.